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How we celebrated Valentine’s Day 2020

Before all the craziness started and people would become officially required to distance ourselves from others, we had a pretty normal valentine’s day. To prepare for the special day, we gathered some friends over at SEVICS to talk about some issues related to love and sex. Here’s how it went.


Should Ladies initiate romantic relationships?

In the typical Nigerian setting, only men are expected to initiate romantic relationships. Women who do so may be perceived as very promiscuous. Hence, even when a lady is interested in having a relationship, she is expected to indicate subtle interest until the man also takes an interest in her and makes the move. The panel was split on this issue and that further shows just how strong these social constructs are in our society.


Are African Men Intimidated by Bold Women?

It sounds fallacious to imply that the African warrior princes can be intimidated by women. Strange as it sounds, it is absolutely true. Women who come from certain class, educational, economic, social, and cultural backgrounds are highly not compatible with men from lower levels as themselves. There was an agreement that African men are intimidated by women because the dominant culture is patriarchal and men can only continuously subjugate women if they remain meek and docile.


Men need help to initiate relationships

Do men need help to start relationships? The answer is yes they do. Truth be told, most young men are clueless and have very little idea of what to do in a relationship and even how to start one. Where women are willing partners, relationships progress faster and have better outcomes too.


Should You Lose Your Virginity on Valentine’s Day

In 2020, virginity is still a thing and people want to share it with the right person. It’s also considered that when and where a person loses their virginity is also important. But the real question is, ‘Is valentine’s day a good day to give up one’s virginity? Well, it was not an easy conversation to have but we thought that one day is as good as the other. To give up one’s virginity on valentine’s day may not be worthwhile if it doesn’t serve any other purpose. Or what do you think?

And finally, we talked about some ways you can have a great Valentine’s Day Celebration with a slim budget.


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