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Fun things you can do to keep a man in a relationship without sex

Can a man endure a relationship without sex? For some, this would be an unbearable thought. For others, it is quite agreeable. Since each relationship requires more than one person, it must transcend beyond the desires of either the man or the woman. Common grounds must be sought and found and hence, we shall explore some fun things you can do to keep a man in a relationship without sex.

Can sexless relationships exist?

Sex they say is the engine that keeps many romantic relationships going. Unfortunately, many girls may not always feel like having sex with their partners either within certain periods or ever. A key reason why this may happen is if the girl does not feel that the man is committed to her. Other reasons might include anxiety in girls who are yet to have their first intercourse, fear that the man would not meet their sexual and emotional needs, or a determination not to have sex either with a particular person or till a particular time, such as after marriage. Whatever the reason might be, it is a fact that some girls are unwilling to start having sex just yet but want to be in a loving relationship.

Avoiding falling off the edge

There are several things you can do in a relationship without sex but care must be taken because there is a thin line between staying platonic and getting entangled in raunchy sex. The problem with sex is, once had, it continues as cited in the famous Okafor’s law of Congodynamics. Hence, partners avoiding sex will try to avoid any occasions that may increase the ease of sex. Here are a few things couples can do.

Fun things to do to keep a man in a relationship without sex

  1. Movies are very romantic activities that both parties will find exciting. Other equivalents could be going to watch a favorite sports team play or other forms of entertaining engagement.
  2. Picnics are great outdoor events that keep things interesting between you two. A walk in the park or hike could also provide equally exciting experiences.
  3. Send random romantic text messages throughout the day. Texting is so dynamic today and there are too many platforms on which to achieve this. Send messages to let him know that you care and love him. With messages throughout the day, a man knows that you are thinking of him.
  4. Say the magic words often – I Love You. It is a known fact that the words ‘I Love you’ are never said enough and conscious efforts must be made by both parties to remind each other of the love you have for one another.
  5. Make eye contact – They say that the eyes are the gateways to the souls. Couples who have a habit of maintaining eye contact tend to stay in love longer. You should try that.
  6. Eating out (tea, lunch, or dinner) are fun ways to spend time together. This shifts the topic of conversation away from romance to food or other trendy topics.
  7. Attend music concerts and fairs together. If you have similar tastes in music and social activism, then you will find it easy to bond at fairs and concerts.
  8. Shop and gift each other frequently. If you have a budget for it, buy a gift for each other whenever you can. These can range from flowers (if this is trendy for you), simple items to other more profound and expensive gifts.
  9. Make out if this is okay with both parties. This involves hugging each other, holding hands, smooching, and even kissing. It is important to note that these are gateway behaviors that can lead up to full-blown sex. Therefore, where self-control is an issue, these should be avoided totally.
  10. Perform light sexual activities. Note that while some ladies may be against penetrative sex, they don’t mind having something light and casual such as kissing deeply, getting naked together, having a shower, giving a massage, or even having oral sex. 


Do I think that people can sustain a relationship without sex? I believe that it depends on the individuals involved, their motivations, and the level of commitment they give to the cause of staying sexless. Know that sex is not a bad thing in itself. However, all parties indulging must be prepared and ready to partake consensually. 

Unfortunately, social constructs demand that women stay shy and men make advances. Oftentimes, this shifts the power of negotiating sex to favor men and not the women. Despite what the woman wants, can a man really endure a relationship without sex? 

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