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Guys check out places you should never touch during sex

Are there places a man should avoid in a woman’s body during intercourse?

When it comes to sexual intercourse or making out (foreplay), there are no many barriers to parts of the body a man should touch. Some people do not like to be touched in some areas of the body, an example is being kissed on the neck, this is because it is sensitive and drives them wild. But a man should be allowed to and be able to explore as much part of a woman’s body as he can. A good reason is that most women sadly do not know where their libido lies. Everyone appreciates reaching climax or “cuming” during sex. 


How to ensure that both parties are comfortable and Safe 

Firstly, there should be a form of communication between the parties involved, because you won’t like to ruin what would have been a blissful experience by doing the wrong things. Talk with her, know what she likes and what she doesn’t like, and find out as well, how far you can touch her, don’t leave your creativity and imaginative abilities out of it as well, explore, sex is an art.

I would like to add some precautions and healthy tips that should be considered anyways while exploring.

  1. Before venturing into fingering or fondling the “veejayjay“, make it a point of duty to see that your fingers and hands are clean. This is to avoid introducing any form of bacteria into the body of the woman. You would not appreciate it if she gets sick, would you?
  2. Be careful not to insert the penis into the “veejayjay” just after penetrating the anus, because of the difference in bacteria, she may get infected by this act.
  3. If you have mouth soreness do not jump into kissing or fellatio (blow job, giving head), this is to prevent infection and herpes.
  4. If you must have anal sex, please take safety precautions in order not to hurt “her” and make sure she is lubricated enough. 



We should all stay safe and always have a condom in our wallets. Durex is a great product, one of its many advantages is that it has a climax control lubricant, we don’t want to cum before our partner or inflict sores from dryness.


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