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Finding the Perfect Intimate Relationship

Have you ever seen a couple in love? Have you seen two people who are totally and utterly in love with themselves? Have you seen the love in their eyes? The joyous and happy emotion seen clearly on their faces, the rosy color of their cheeks, the ‘I love you’ whispered in each other’s ears when they’re together. Everyone dreams of the above, of having the ‘perfect relationship‘, a ‘perfect partner‘. But we should ask ourselves if all these exist. Some might say it does, others might say it doesn’t. Some might also have given up on the idea of love, others might say they don’t need a man/woman because of the hurt they’ve faced one time or the other in the past. But we should know that in everything that has happened or will happen, both genders need each other.

To put it differently, men and women need each other, even though we hurt each other. I know we have all heard about the trending story of Will Smith, Jada Smith, and her alleged ‘entanglement’ with August Alsina. Even with all the things that transpired between Will and Jada, we could all see that Will still had so much love for her even though some might see the relationship as being toxic. Will and Jada are perfect examples of how men and women hurt each other but still need each other. Circumstances like the above are plenty in our time because the interpersonal relationship has also evolved with time.
Our generation is not so big on commitment. That’s why there are open marriages today. They don’t see the need to have an intimate interpersonal relationship with one person. They feel they can have the best of both worlds. They also want to go do whatever they want to do outside and still have a stable relationship. Personally, I think it’s bullcrap. I totally love having a committed partner, being in a committed relationship, and enjoying the intimacy that comes with having a stable partner. Most people seek open relationships because they feel their present partner is not perfect and so, they seek perfection elsewhere while trying to make their partner perfect. I also feel they seek something particular and so, having multiple partners will feel whatever void they think is empty. So, once they don’t find whatever they are looking for, they feel hurt and return to their original partner as in the case of Jada.

However, aside all these, we should always try to be a better version of ourselves, and at the same time not expect perfection from the people in our lives especially our romantic partners. So, I think, being the best of ourselves, and not expecting too much from people would save us a lot of hurts.

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