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What to do when aroused in a public place

Picture this. You are on a bus and listening to the radio or music using a headset. The bus stops to allow a passenger alight and there comes in a passenger. You look up and sees that they are this person who has come in is very attractive and has the looks of that person you have always dreamed of. The looks, body shape and dress sense. You stare at them for longer than 10 seconds and suddenly, you find that you can’t get your eyes off of them. Your lips have become wet and you can feel some warmth gently seeping through your body.

This is not the only instance where one can be aroused in a public place. As embarrassing as it may be, we get to experience this from time to time and it is not specific to gender. Anyone can be aroused.

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What is sexual arousal?

Arousal is the feeling of being turned on sexually. When you’re turned on, your body experiences physical and emotional changes. Your penis or clitoris may get erect (hard), engorged, and sensitive, and you may feel wetness on your vulva or vagina, or on the tip of your penis.

Sexual arousal is not restricted to a particular place. It can happen in almost anywhere so far are stimulating factors present. A person can be aroused in

  • The bedroom, alone or with a partner
  • On the bus
  • In a place of work
  • A bar
  • School
  • Recreation centre
  • Shopping mall
  • Hospital
  • Place of worship

What are the stimulating factors that can make a person become aroused?

You can become aroused from

  • sexual stimulation alone or with a partner,
  • fantasizing or having sexual thoughts,
  • reading, watching, or listening to erotic materials (like porn)
  • certain parts of your body are touched that are very sensitive (also called “erogenous zones”)
  • Looking at anything that is sexually provocative


Feeling aroused can lead to many physical reactions or none at all. Some of the changes that can happen to your body when you’re aroused include:

  • Your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and temperature goes up
  • Your nipples, labia, and clitorisfill with blood and become more sensitive
  • Your penisgets harder and stands up (this is also called getting an erection)
  • Your vagina lubricates(gets wet) and expands


What to do when you are sexually aroused in public

Wait calmly:  a simple way to deal with an unwanted erection is to wait for it to go away. If you do not act on it, it would go away by just being calm and recollected.

Meditation: you can set your mind on something and spend some time in some quiet meditation. Meditation and waiting calmly may help to get rid of an arousal.

Distraction: find something to distract yourself. Talk to someone, look at something else, sing out loud. Just be creative. In a short time, it would fade.

Change position: you could decide to move from where you are to another position. This is moving away from the stimulating factor.




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