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Axillary intercourse


A lot of people have sex differently, because everyone has different tastes and different ways of expressing such tastes. Whether with inanimate objects like stuffed animals and women’s shoes, or simply by using a unique body part in a sexual way (partialism), there are many ways to have uncommon forms of intercourse.

Axillary intercourse is one of those tastes and expressions of sexual intercourse. Axillary intercourse is a form of sexual intercourse by rubbing the penis in the armpit of a partner until ejaculation is reached. The rubbing the penis in the armpit of one’s partner is to simulate penetrative sex. It is also called bagpiping due to how bagpipes are held.

More definitions

Sexual interest in armpits is officially called Maschalagnia. People who develop an interest or obsession with this type of sexual fulfillment do so for various and individual reasons. As long as humans have been walking upright, and perhaps even before, we have been exploring unusual ways to have sex.

It is still categorized as a sexual fetish or paraphilia as most people who get off on axillism prefer the armpit sex over regular penis to vagina sex. In other words, they need to get it on with an armpit in order to get off. Axillary intercourse is a form of outercourse because it is non penetrative, meaning there is no penetration of the vagina or anus.

Why do people engage in axillism

There are many reasons why some people prefer this form of sex. Here are some of them

  • Non transmission of or getting infected by STIs.
  • Physical limitations or the inability to perform regular penis to vagina sex.
  • It is a fetish for some people.


Axillism as a fetish

A fetish is act of developing sexual interest and deriving sexual pleasure from an object other than the genitals. In the case of axillism, the object of that affection is an exclusive sexual interest in the armpits. Armpits and other hairy areas of the body excrete sexual pheromones which can arouse a person on a subconscious level, even when they are not aware of it. The smell emanating from such places could make that person aroused almost immediately.

Getting turned on by sexual odors is a common arousal factor and the basis for many fetishes including people who get off on smelly socks, nylons, panties and sneakers. What may be pungent and malodorous to some, can be a sensually erotic aphrodisiac to others. People with an armpit fetish often prefer unwashed, unshaved armpits that are deodorant-free which amplifies the intoxicating aromatic properties of armpit scent. A person who engages in this form of sex is called a maschalagniac.

Some acts involved in axillary intercourse

Asides smell, a maschalagniac can get aroused by

  • Licking the armpit
  • Tickling the armpit, and
  • Tasting the armpit


Another reason for arousal may be that the armpit, when closed, creates a crevasse or cleavage, which in turn resembles the slit of a vagina, or anal crack. Thus, the maschalagniac comes to equate the armpit with the vagina and the fetish fixation on this typically non-sexual body part can be formed. After this happens it gets harder and harder for the fetishist to get off by any other means and the fetish is formalized.


  • No risk of transmitting or being infected by STIs: In axillary intercourse, there is no risk of transmitting or being infected by STIs, though there is contact with sperm. The danger may arise when the skin around the armpit is broken.



  • Risk of transmitting non-STI infections: this can happen by tasting or licking the armpit. Since the armpit is a wet region of the body and allows for hair growth, it is a breeding ground for opportunistic fungi and bacteria. These fungi and bacteria could cause disease when they have been ingested.
  • Only one partner is sexually pleasure and satisfied at a time. The other partner may find the act uninteresting, except the person has axillism as a fetish too.


Being a maschalagniac does not make you a topic for discussion on sexual disorders. However, you should start getting worried when this fetish causes a problem in your relationship, causes distress or prevent normal sexual performance. It may surprise you to know that a lot of sexually active persons, women and men, have fetishes whether they have discovered it or not. So, you don’t need to feel odd neither should you be worried.





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