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If you didn’t know about foreplay, now you know


Foreplay has a reputation as a warm-up or leads to sex, the appetizer to the main course which is intercourse. But maybe it’s time we stop thinking about it in such an old-school way. After all, only 30% of women can reach orgasm from penis-in-vagina penetration alone. It’s the moves we typically think of as foreplay clitoral stroking, deep kissing, and oral sex that bring most women to the heights of pleasure.

Things you can do in a foreplay

  • French Kissing

Put your tongue to good use!


When you’re kissing your partner, open your mouth and touch tongues to begin French kissing. You can try different techniques and movements whatever feels good to you and your partner.

  • Making Out

Add a bit of touching plus some neck kisses, ear nuzzling, and lip or neck biting, if either you or your partner is into that to your French kissing, and you’ve got yourself a session.

  • Massage

Foot massage, back massage, neck massage: whichever you prefer, a massage can really get you in the mood. Try incorporating massage oils or a massage candle to add some slickness. After getting out the knots, you can let your hands stray just a little

  • Nipple Play

Nipples can be really sensitive not to mention fun to play with. You can touch, pinch, lick, suck, or gently bite your partner’s nipples (just ask if they’re into biting before you chomp down). Some people can even have a “nipplegasm” from nipple stimulation alone.

  • Dirty Talk

Telling your partner how much you want them can heighten both your arousal. Dirty talk can be as simple as “You make me so turned on” or “That feels so good,” or it can be as complicated as spelling out, step-by-step, exactly what you want to do to them.

  • Dry Humping

Dry humping isn’t just for teens. Rub your clothed genitals against your partner’s leg, knee, genitals, or anywhere else that feels good. For people with clitorises, this indirect stimulation can be a huge turn-on that can lead to orgasms, and it can feel amazing for people with penises, too.

  • Manual Stimulation

For many people, manual stimulation — aka fingering, hand jobs, or anal fingering — is the main course, not an appetizer. Whichever body part you’re focusing on, add lube.

  • Oral Sex

Like manual stimulation, oral sex is a form of sex — and it can also be used as a form of foreplay before another sex act. However you see oral, use your tongue to tease your partner’s clit, penis head, or anus, and for more fun, get your hands involved, too.

  • Get Kinky

Incorporate some kink into your foreplay, such as spankingtying your partner up (or asking your partner to tie you up), or using a blindfold — prolong the anticipation so that sex is even better when you begin.

Some tips for foreplay

  1. Get the room ready for sex
  2. Take your time undressing
  3. Make the clitoris and g-spot en route places, not your starting points
  4. Slow it down, build anticipation
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  6. Get out of the bedroom … Or the house
  7. Get clean, get groomed, and get sexy
  8. Allow her to take the lead when she wants to
  9. Kiss her, but kiss her right
  10. Buy some new toys
  11. Remember, foreplay starts outside the bedroom
  12. Write her a [dirty] love letter
  13. Use your magic fingers for a sensual massage
  14. Practice self-exploration and controlling ejaculation alone
  15. Talk a little, but don’t talk too much
  16. Talk about your sexual fantasies involving her
  17. Build a foreplay tool kit
  18. Do your research
  19. Give her more of what she wants
  20. Learn when to forego the foreplay and just go for it



Foreplay for women gets her turned on before you go any further. Unlike men, women aren’t naturally ready for sex as soon as it gets started; their physical arousal is a lot more complicated. As a bonus, good foreplay time for her gets her closer to the goal of an ending in the climax, which means you’ll be less likely to finish first before she’s actually done once sex is initiated. Of course, using a delay spray like Promescent will also be a huge help in that department.







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