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Diabetes and erectile dysfunction


Diabetes is a medical condition arising from excess sugar circulating in the blood. Usually, after a heavy carbohydrate meal, the body converts all the sugar in the body to be used as energy or stored. The hormone, Insulin, controls the conversion of sugar in the blood. However, in diabetic conditions, Insulin is either absent or present in little amounts. Diabetes is a common chronic disease that could be life-threatening if not managed properly.

Diabetes and sex

In men, there are risks from diabetes. One of them is erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction or ED is a separate medical condition that happens in men, whether they have diabetes or not. However, diabetes could give rise to ED.

The connection between diabetes and ED is related to your circulation and nervous system. Poorly controlled blood sugar levels can damage small blood vessels and nerves. Damage to the nerves that control sexual stimulation and response can impede a man’s ability to achieve an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Reduced blood flow from damaged blood vessels can also contribute to ED.

What do you do?

Suppose you have diabetes and have a problem having an erection or want to prevent it. There is hope for managing Erectile Dysfunction. Firstly, it is important to speak with a physician. They would give the right information and the right approach that would suit you uniquely. It would help if you considered the following options.

Lifestyle Changes: quitting smoking, reduce fat and cholesterol in your diet, exercising and losing weight, reducing stress 

Mechanical treatments: some devices can help to improve blood flow to the penis. These devices are especially helpful if you are not responding to medications. They are

  • vacuum-assisted erection devices
  • prosthetic surgery: a prosthesis, which has been surgically implanted into the penis can be inflated whenever sex is desired


There are other options asides from the ones listed above that you could look out for. Some online resources and therapies could help to treat ED. Be sure to talk to your doctor about whatever options you choose; to avoid worsening the ED or adversely affect your health. And as we mark world diabetes day, it is important to reflect on diabetes and its effects on sexual health.





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