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What you didn’t know about an adult store


A teacher asked a question one day.

“What is the opposite of the children’s store?”

A girl in the class thought about it for a while and raised her hands. She wanted to be the one to win the prize the teacher had promised anymore who answered the most questions correctly.

She stood up to answer when she was called upon and said,

“Adult store. We can buy a lot of adult stuff from there like adult clothes, shoes, and other fun stuff. I went there with my mom last weekend”.

When she was done, the other pupils looked expectantly at the teacher, waiting to declare her answer correct. However, the teacher was shocked that a girl had visited an adult store, or was it possible the pupil didn’t know what she was saying.

What is an adult store?

The pupil in our story above was not entirely wrong but not correct as well. An adult store is also called a sex store. It is a store where sex toys, lingerie, and products used sex, such as lubes. Of course, no parent would take a child to an adult store. Couples can go to an adult store together.

In this article, the reference to the store is to a physical store, a building where goods are sold. Sex toys can be bought online, too, as many online stores have provisions for that. A lot of people buy sex toys online for some reason. For some, it is classy. They like the feel of having to have someone deliver stuff to them. For others, they want anonymity. They enjoy using sex toys but do not want to be seen anywhere around an adult store.

Why go to an adult store? 

The reason for going to an adult store vary from person to person. Some are inquisitive and want to know what it feels like to be there. Others find it arousing to be in there. They say it is part of the thrill of sex. People below the legal age are not allowed in, and the store is situated in exclusive areas and may have an exclusive list of customers. Some people don’t fancy going there for cultural, religious reasons or status in society even though they might use sex toys. Therefore they prefer to order it online under a false identity.

What is sold there?

There are a host of products sold in an adult store.

  • Pornographic materials: videos, magazines, and novels.
  • Lingerie
  • Sex toys
  • Books on sex
  • Books on sexual health
  • Sex lubricants


Adult store etiquette

The adult store is still relatively new in some parts of the world. Sex is not a new issue, but it is a subject that has not been spoken of in public circles until now. It is one of the most advertised subjects in movies, music, and social media. Even in the western world, there are still people who see the adult store with many suspicions. Some who are bold enough to visit one find it an amusing experience. They would often giggle and ask embarrassing questions of the staff who work there.

In other cases, you find people who go into an adult store with no idea what they want for themselves or their partner. After that, they complain about what they have bought when it doesn’t suit their needs.

Be mindful of the following when you visit an adult store.

  • Have a good knowledge of your partner’s want and what would be pleasurable to them: get a feel of your partner’s sexual preferences and fantasies. You will have a good idea of what product to buy. A salesperson can direct you on what product would be preferable based on what you tell them.
  • Listen to others who know better: many of the toys you will find in an adult store have actual science and are created with technology. It is good to get the right information from one who knows how these toys work. Some toys are safer when used with a condom because they are hard to clean and are a good hiding place for bacteria. A salesperson who knows about the toys can give you the right information.
  • Sex toys are expensive when you buy them in a store: it is so because the store owners have other costs to cover, such as rent. It is cheaper to buy sex toys online.
  • Ask a lot of questions when in doubt. Don’t ask the salesperson which toys are the best. No toys are the best because different toys work for different people. What might be pleasurable to one would be irritating or outright dangerous to another.
  • Please don’t ask any salesperson what their favorite is. It is rude, and it is private information you are entitled to know. Moreover, they may work in an adult store, but it doesn’t mean that they have tried any toy there.
  • You can giggle. It might be your first time inside an adult store. It might be overwhelming, but don’t just come in to giggle. You might other customers feel embarrassed to buy anything.
  • Adult stores are not for perverts or sex freaks. Normal people go there too. Don’t expect to hear weird happenings like people having sex in the parking lot or men peeping at women using the loo.


The embargoes on sex are being lifted; therefore, you should visit an adult store and check it out if you can. It could be fun.



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