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Why sex education should be included in religious instruction


The subject of sex education doesn’t sit well with a lot of religious and church-going people. Many of them condemn it as a devilish ploy to corrupt the minds of the children of God. although some religious people think that teenagers should be taught sex education, a portion of them, though they consider themselves liberals are skeptical about accepting wholeheartedly that sex education should be part of a child’s upbringing. Their excuse would sound like this,

Sex education can do some good but let us talk about being God-fearing. It is the attention we give to sex that has caused all the sexual violence and stuff about sex we see today.”

So many non-religious or non-religion conforming persons have found another weapon in their attack on the lack of skill of religion and religious people to tackling societal issues in a pragmatic way but always resorting to the supernatural to find blames and solutions.

Maybe we should see this from another perspective; that it is the wrong notion of sex that is the cause of all the sexual evils that have been wrought, that it is the spreading of the belief that sex education is the cause of America becoming a morally decadent nation and lacking in culture and trying to spread that poison (sex education) to the rest of the world that has brought up the idea that the West has an evil agenda against Africa; the latent belief that sex education is for sex enthusiasts and gay people. That is why we have self-proclaimed men of God and born-again people who can’t seem to control themselves when in the presence of a person of the opposite sex. Is sex education the bane of society’s moral problems?

The problem

While a lot of religious and church-going persons have an issue with premarital sex, they tolerate sexual violence in the home especially women, adultery, and a whole lot of infidelities; they tell themselves that marriage is a cross. In fact, it is no surprise that the majority of so-called religious people engage in sexual practices before and during the marriage. Some of these affairs go awry as some of them try to cover their infidelity or impiety. Some religious people teach their young people to see their sexual urge as an evil and a temptation from the devil, to run away from women because they are the tools the devil uses to bring down the children of God, just as Eve did.

Divorce and infidelity happen with both religious leaders and their followers, no side is spared. Divorce rates are ever on the rise even among religious people who cannot take it anymore. For many of the couples filing for divorce, it is either infidelity, a feeling of unfulfilled sexual experiences with their partner, children born outside the marriage, or dark reasons such as rape and sexual starvations that stand as a reason for them. What seems to have changed in our era? Is it because our genes have mutated and we have lost the part of our genes which made marriages last longer?

The argument

In their defense, some religious people will tell you it is the work of the devil or the work of witchcraft. Some even go as far as giving elaborate ‘testimonies’ in church about the schemings of the devil to ‘bring down their glory’, the machinations of witches who want to discredit and unmake them children of God.

The irreligious ones will laugh and mock religion and talk about how gullible religious people are, how dangerous blind faith is, how logic should be the cornerstone of modern society, how important it is that religiosity and religion be expunged from modern society, that real salvation lies in man looking into himself, not onto a set of religious rules and a holy book. Non-religious people will share stories about pastors, prophets, who have been caught having sex with an underage person, how men of God sexually harassment unsuspecting women, contract secret marriages and keep secret love affairs even homosexual ones, how some pastors and priests have fathered children in secret, sending half of the church’s income monthly to their baby mamas to keep their mouths shut.

The truth

A human being is a social, political, and sexual being. When you deny the last quality, you deny an important aspect of a person’s life, you deny the ‘how’ of human survival. Right from the age of puberty, every human being feels sexually attracted to someone or something.

Sex education talks about human development, relationships, personal skills, human sexual behavior sexual health, and sex culture. It raises questions and promotes discussion about reproduction, puberty, sexual orientation, and gender identity, family life, friendships, romantic relationships and dating, communication in romantic relationships and marriage, negotiation, and decision-making, abstinence, safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and pregnancy, gender roles, diversity. Sex education is important so that young people can gain information, skills, and motivation to make healthy decisions about sex and sexuality throughout their lives.

The bottom line

The bible has always upheld that the reason for sex is the intimacy of the married couple, procreation, and the continued survival of the human race. This is non-contestable.

To assume that a human can live above sexual desires is to lie to oneself. Sexual desires will always be with everyone, even with those who choose to be celibate. How each one handles their sexual urges will show their level of education and maturity.

The wrong thing is to tell people to keep mute when it comes to issues about sex, to not talk about it till they are married; then they go into romantic relationships and even marriage not having any clue about their sexual rights, therefore, not knowing when they are being harassed, gaslighted, raped or manipulated. You can find a few instances in the bible where sexual rights are stated (I Corinth. 7: 3 & 5).

Let us be wary not to raise a generation of young people whose only knowledge of sex is from pornography and friends. Most times, information got from friends and from pornography is wrong. These misinformed young people who shy away from sex because it is ‘not holy’ will unleash the sex beasts in themselves once they have had a taste of this ‘unholy thing’.

Religious people should endeavor to include sex education in their teachings. Sexual desires are not sinful and restraint by a person from expressing their sexual act should be based on their own personal decisions rather than contempt of sex which is the disdain or hatred towards all things sex, that there is a thing called hypersexuality and it can be handled well. Young people should be taught sexual purity and safe sex alongside abstinence and celibacy, so as to curtail the rising number of teenage pregnancies and youths who have sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education goes a long way in reducing the frequency of occurrence of abortion, and those that go through early childbirth. Sex is a subject, not a secret.

Let’s talk about sex, freely.

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