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Sex Education

Erogenous zones and how to keep them stimulated

  Ever get goosebumps when a partner touches a certain part of your body? Congratulations! Your body is covered in highly sensitive areas you may never have even thought to explore. Stimulating these areas can lead to sexual response, which means you’re in for a satisfying time. These erogenous zones, as they’re called, can contribute…

Sex Education

Does penile size matter?

For many men around the world, one very personal subject has often been a cause for worry: the size of their penis. These concerns are caused by many things, including the amount of false ideas there are about: what the average penis size is how important penis size is to sex what penis size means to…

Sex Education

Dealing with guilt and the morality of sex

  Sex can be fun, liberating, and utterly wonderful, but not always. Sometimes it feels like something is missing after sex. Sometimes we think that it shouldn’t have happened or should have been different. Sex means different things to different people. Above all, it is a healthy and natural activity.  It is something most people…

Sex Education

Can sexual pressures be controlled?

Peer pressure is always tough to deal with, especially when it comes to sex. Some teenagers decide to have sexual relationships because their friends think sex is cool. Others feel pressured by the person they are dating. Still, others find it easier to give in and have sex than to try to explain why not….

Sex Education

Artificial Contraceptives Cracked: the good, the bad and the ugly

Contraception is the deliberate prevention of conception or impregnation by any of various drugs, techniques, or devices; birth control. Therefore, contraceptives are the various drugs, techniques, or devices which are used to prevent pregnancy. Aims of contraception Every month a woman’s body begins the process that can potentially lead to pregnancy. An egg (ovum) matures,…

Gender Issues | Sex Education

The Craze over a Woman’s Virginity

Let’s paint a scenario now. Imagine you are a female (for the males reading. If you are a female, don’t bother imagining, just proceed), all excited to get married. Finally, you get married and it’s your wedding night. You and partner go through all the processes of sex including foreplay. It’s now time for penetration….


Dealing with Peer Pressure

We all want to look good. We all want to feel good. We all want to belong to what we feel are the ‘right’ cliques. We all have had people influence us into doing certain kinds of stuff just for the purpose of ‘fitting in’. I remember feeling the urge to have a boyfriend because…


Finding the Perfect Intimate Relationship

Have you ever seen a couple in love? Have you seen two people who are totally and utterly in love with themselves? Have you seen the love in their eyes? The joyous and happy emotion seen clearly on their faces, the rosy color of their cheeks, the ‘I love you’ whispered in each other’s ears…


The Feeling of Being Desired, Wanted and Loved

  Ever wondered why people fish for compliments? It’s because when we are complimented, it makes us feel happier and improve our mental health. Research has shown that once we do something kind, our brains release oxytocin, “ the hug hormone” that makes us feel good. Have you ever seen the face of someone that…

Sex Education

How we celebrated Valentine’s Day 2020

Before all the craziness started and people would become officially required to distance ourselves from others, we had a pretty normal valentine’s day. To prepare for the special day, we gathered some friends over at SEVICS to talk about some issues related to love and sex. Here’s how it went.   Should Ladies initiate romantic…

Sex Education

Where You Should Source Sex Information from

The views expressed below are from  the Sevics Website The expression; sources of sex information implies those persons, books, place or thing that supplies facts on sexuality. Young people are often very inquisitive about the world, life and everything really. Matters concerning sex is a matter of great interest to all young people especially adolescents….